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File A Consumer Assistance Request

If you have a question or concern about any aspect of your utility service, contact the company first. The PSC expects regulated utilities to satisfactorily resolve their customers' concerns. If you're not satisfied with the company's response, you may request assistance from the Public Service Commission using this form. Return the completed form to the Public Service Commission using one of the methods below:

Download Consumer Assistance Form (MS Word Format)
  • Address:
    Montana Public Service Commission
    Attn: Consumer Assistance
    PO Box 202601
    Helena, Montana 59620-2601

  • Fax: 406-444-7618;

  • E-mail:

Please Note:
The PSC has no jurisdiction over: rural electric and telephone co-operatives; cellular phone service; interstate phone service; telemarketing practices; cable TV; internet service; municipally-owned utilities; propane vendors; motor carriers (except carriers of passengers, household goods and garbage); and damage claims.