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This form is for electronic public comments which pertain specifically to a pending PSC proceeding, notice of which allows for public participation through written comments. This form is not to be used for inquiries, complaints, or other general communications not specifically pertaining to such proceeding. This form is not to be used by persons who have obtained party status in a PSC proceeding. If you are a party to a pending PSC proceeding, participation by you is available as provided in the procedural order governing that proceeding.

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  • Address:
    Montana Public Service Commission
    PO Box 202601
    Helena, Montana 59620-2601

  • Fax: 406-444-7618;

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Please Note:
The PSC has no jurisdiction over: rural electric and telephone co-operatives; cellular phone service; interstate phone service; telemarketing practices; cable TV; internet service; municipally-owned utilities; propane vendors; motor carriers (except carriers of passengers, household goods and garbage); and damage claims.