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Montana Laws and Administrative Rules

Water/Sewer Section

Water/Sewer Annual Report Forms/Information

Water/Sewer Regulated Companies
In Montana, the rates and services of privately-owned water and sewer service providers are regulated by the Montana Public Service Commission. The rates and services of publicly-owned water and sewer service providers (e.g., county, water and sewer district, municipality) or a provider serving itself only (e.g., individual, member-owned cooperative or association serving members only), are not regulated by the Public Service Commission. These privately-owned companies have water and/or sewer tariffs established by the Commission: If you have questions about whether or not your water and sewer services are regulated by the PSC, please call the PSC at 406-444-6150.
Filing Forms for Simplified Regulatory Options
A small water or sewer utility may elect one of two simplified regulatory options that allow it to establish or change its rates by a method other than filing a rate application in accordance with the Commission’s minimum rate case filing standards, pursuant to Montana Administrative Rule 38.5.2527.